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Guesthouse & Eco Retreat Centre

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Bali Mountain Retreat..GALLERIES

Buildings and Accommodation

Teak house, Lotus house, Lumbung.

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bale gede 1_jpg.jpg

bale gede 2_JPG.jpg

bale gede 3_JPG.jpg

Birds nest 1_jpg.jpg

Birds nest 2_jpg.jpg

BMR at distance 1_jpg.jpg

BMR at distance 2_jpg.jpg

BMR sign_jpg.jpg


budget room interior_jpg.jpg

budget teak house room 1_jpg.jpg

budget teak verandah_jpg.jpg

Cafe 2_jpg.jpg


entrance 1_jpg.jpg

garden 3_jpg.jpg

garden 5_jpg.jpg

garden 6_jpg.jpg

garden 7_JPG.jpg

garden 8_jpg.jpg

joglo 2_jpg.jpg

Lotus House 2_JPG.jpg

lotus house interior_JPG.jpg

Mountain view behind BMR_jpg.jpg

Restaurant 1_jpg.jpg

Restaurant 3_jpg.jpg

ricehouse 1_jpg.jpg

spa 1_jpg.jpg

Studio 1_jpg.jpg

Superior teak house interior 3_jpg.jpg

Superior teak house interior1_jpg.jpg

Superior teak house interior2_jpg.jpg

Superior teak house verandah_jpg.jpg

Teak house night_jpg.jpg

zBMR entrance _jpg.jpg

zBuddha 2_jpg.jpg

zentrance 2_jpg.jpg

zgarden 1_jpg.jpg

zgarden 2_jpg.jpg

zgarden 4_jpg.jpg

zgarden 9a_jpg.jpg

zjoglo 1_JPG.jpg

zLotus House 3_JPG.jpg

zmorning blessing_jpg.jpg

zRestaurant 2_jpg.jpg

zRicehouse interior_jpg.jpg


zTeakhouse 1_jpg.jpg

zTeakhouse bathroom_jpg.jpg

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