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A List of Bali Events: 2012 - 2013

November 2012

Nov 7
Temple Anniversary celebration

Pura Puseh and Desa Sukawati, Gianyar Regency
Pura Pedharman Arya Kanuruhan, Besakih Karangasem Regency
Pura Maspait, Sesetan Denpasar Municipality

Nov 17
Temple Anniversary celebration
Pura Desa and Puseh Gianyar City, Gianyar Regency
▪ Pura Luhur Dalem Sangening, Kediri Tabanan Regency

Nov 21
Temple Anniversary celebration
Pura Dalem Tarukan, Cemenggaon Sukawati Gianyar Regency
▪ Pura Penataran Dalem Ketut, Pejeng Gianyar Regency
▪ Pura Taman Limut, Pengosekan Ubud Gianyar Regency

Nov 27
Temple Anniversary celebration
Pura Tirtah Sudamala, Bebalang Bangli Regency
▪ Pura Dalem Banyuning, Buleleng Regency
▪ Pura Mertha Sari, Jembrana Regency
▪ Pura Kawitan Tangkas Kori Agung, Besakih Karangasem Regency

Nov 28
Temple Anniversary celebration
Pura Agung Dalem Tarukan, Pejeng Gianyar Regency
▪ Pura Rambut Siwi, Jembrana Regency
▪ Pura Batu Bolong, Canggu Kuta

Nov 29
Temple Anniversary celebration
Pura Anyar Jayaprana, Kalianget Buleleng Regency

December 2012

Dec 12
Temple Anniversary celebration

Pura Dalem Tarukan Pusat, Tembuku Bangli Regency
Pura Dalem Puri, Besakih Karangasem Regency
Pura Agung Gunung Rawung, Taro Gianyar Regency

Dec 19
Temple Anniversary celebration

Dang Kahyangan Dalem Dukuh Kuda, Sekaan Bangli Regency

Dec 22
Temple Anniversary celebration

Pura Pedharman Sri Aji Kresna Kepakisan, Besakih Karangasem Regency
Pura Pedharman Kaba-kaba, Besakih Karangasem Regency
Pura Pedharman Dalem Sukawati, Besakih Karangasem Regency
Pura Pedharman Mengwi, Besakih Karangasem Regency

Dec 26
Temple Anniversary celebration

Pura Penataran Agung, Teluk Padang Karangasem Regency
Pura Gaduhan Jagat, Singakerta Gianyar Regency
Pura Penataran Dalem Peed, Nusa Penida Island

Dec 27
Temple Anniversary celebration

Pura Banua, Besakih Karangasem Regency
Pura Gung Rena, Sidemen Karangasem Regency
Pura Pncak Gunung Mangun, Tianyar Karangasem Regency

January 2013

Jan 12
Hari Raya Saraswati
This day is devoted to God's Manifestation as Dewi Saraswati, the beautiful Goddess of Knowledge, Art and Literature. On this day, books of knowledge, manuscripts and the Wedas are blessed and special offerings are made for them.

Jan 16
Hari Raya Pagerwesi, The name literally means 'iron fence', on which day ceremonies and prayers are held for strong mental and spiritual defense in welcoming the Galungan holiday.

March 2013

March 23
Hari Raya Nyepi Tahun Baru Caka 1943
This holiday is the Balinese New Year called icaka New Year, the day of total silence throughout the island. No activity, no traffic at all on the roads, no fire may be lit for 24 hours. Great purification and sacrificial rites are held the day before so as to exorcize evil spirits from every corner of the island

March 20 - 24
The 6th Annual Balispirit Festival

The BaliSpirit Festival is a spiritually charged event that celebrates yoga, dance and music and the synergy of global cultural collaboration through the arts.

"One of the top 5 yoga festivals in the world"~ South China Morning Post

A vibrant, energetic celebration; reputed as "one of the world's leading lifestyle festivals." Join 2013's only Bali event combining over 100 daytime health and wellness workshops, nighttime concerts, healing arts, eco-marketplace vendors, and more.



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