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Events at Tenganan: 2012


Tenganan is one of the Bali Aga Villages.
The original Balinese or Bali Aga, are a unique ethnic group that still live and practise a way of life that pre-dates modern civilisation. The Bali Aga are thought to be the original inhabitants of Bali who fled imperialistic invaders, eventually finding refuge in the solitude of Bali's remote mountains. Only two villages remain - which until recently, were firmly shut away from the rest of the world, hidden in the hills of East Bali.



Special Events at Tenganan Pegringsingan:

Saba Katiga
First day of "Usaba Katiga",literally means rituals of the third month according to their own calendar. Full moon , the villagers start praying at Pura Gaduh and other temples in the village carrying offerings made of traditional cookies, symbolizing mythological figures while a salunding gamelan provides the sacred atmosphere.


Usaba Katiga
The ritual commences with a procession of the bachelors of the village playing Salunding gamelan, Subak daha at 18.00 pm and ends with a  procession of the villagers playing "Bale Ganjur" around the village.


Usaba Ketiga
The last day of "Usaba Katiga" rituals starts with prayers at every temple of the village while the bachelors in a procession go marching around the village then play the Salunding gamelan at 17.00 pm. The Abwang dance will be performed by maidens in front of the village.


Usaba Kapat
(Rituals Of The Forth month) filled with full moon ceremony and rituals held at Pura Dalem Pengastulan started from May 6 until May 8.This temple is related to Pura Dalem Pengastulan in Bedahulu village , Gianyar regency.


"Mamiut" and rituals are held at every temple at the village, asking for safety and success for the biggest ceremony to be held during month.


Usaba Kelima / Sambah
The biggest cultural event through out the year, a monthlong celebration, from 26 may until 25 june.
Meeting and rituals held at pura Puseh Sembangan attended by the temple’s adherents, accompanied by the salunding gamelan..


Usaba Ketiga / Sambah
'Mati Ombo Sanghyang'  is a special event when Deities abide at Bale Agung for three days. The event commences with the slaughter of a buffalo with sacred keria at 12.00 am, accompanied by salunding gamelan, afterwards there is a procession to bale Agung at 17.00 pm.



Usaba Kelima / Sambah
Last day of Mati Ombo sanghyang when the deities return in procession to Pura raja purana at 1800. When the ancient-swing is set up, accompanied by the Salunding gamelan.


Usaba Kelima / Sambah
A group of maidens collect holy water from the public-bathing place, while the others pray at Pura Batu keben and Pura Telaga. tha Ancient swing is purified, blessed and then tried while the salunding gamelan provides the atmosphere. This event followed by a special ceremony for boys, after the ceremony they are officially accepted as "calon teruna" (bachelor of the village).


Usaba Kelima / Sambah
"Mula saat", a special event. This event begins with women's activities, dressed up in their finest and specific traditional dress at 09.00 am, the main ceremony starts at 13.00 pm, accompanied by abwang dance performence at bale Agung at 24.00 pm, the salunding group plays around the village.


Usaba Kelima / Sambah
"Mulan Daha" a special event for maidens only, with the Abwang dance performed in front of Petemu kaja (north of meeting hall), Petemu tengah (centre) and kelod (south) at 18.00 pm, the selonding orchestra played by bachelors, march around the village, at 20.00 pm.


Usaba Kelima / Sambah
Ngelawad, krama desa teruna of temu kelod and jero pasek pray and present ngelawad offering at the pura's: pura pouseh sembangan, pura Petung and batan cagi."Muran Desa" the special event held once in three years for the village as a whole, consists of a series of rituals, purification and sacrifical ceremonies, focused at Bale Agung, start from 16.00 pm till late at night with the Salunding gamelan providing the atmosphere. Attended by all village-members in theirs finest tradisional dress.


Usaba Kelima / Sambah
"Maling-Malingan" a special event, (maling means thief), when two young men representing their respective group, steal some meat, available at the Bali Agung.  They are chased around the village a couple of times and finally captured by the villagers.Then dressed up with old banana-leave-clothes, flowers, cow's bell as neklace, they are carried along the village roads (to show that criminals are not forgiven.). This funny and cheerful event finally ends up with a abwang dance performed by by the maidens at Petemu.


Usaba Kelima / Sambah
"Mabwang kalla" (exorcizing evil spirits) is a special event which starts with an abwang dance performance in front of Patemu (block of residence) They then move around the patemu and end up chanting holy hymns together, at 20.00 pm
Symbolical: "Mekare-kare" (Duel between group of young men each armed with leaves and pleated ratan as the armour), is held at the Bale Agung at 16.00 pm.

"Muran teruna" (a special event for bachelors) is held once every three years, it consists of various activities by the bachelors of the village. Designed mainly for selecting a maiden to be their respective partner in attending the ceremonies . This event lasts all day long.


Usaba Kelima / Sambah
Symbolical "Mekare-kare" at Petemu Kelod at 16.00 pm followed by maidens and little girl in complete traditional dress swinging on the old spinning-chair (ancient swing) at 18.00 pm,ending up with prayer at Pura Banjar.


Usaba Kelima / Sambah
"Mekare-kare in Petemu kaja", (a duel amongst a group of men, each armed with two pieces of thorny pandanous leaves and platted-rattan as the armour) as part of the rituals, around noon, while the maidens go praying at the temples of the village at arround 16.00 pm.


Usaba Kelima / Sambah
"Mekare-kare Patemu Tengah/Pengrame", Begins with a procession around the village playing the music, rejang, as well as the abwang dances. "mekare-kare" welcomes anybody including strangers to participate in with streets put on the dancing characteristic, nobody will lose or win, at 11.00 am. Wounds received during the duels can be easily be healed with traditional medicines. The event will be followwed by series of ritual and chajnotinh hymns , a sacred performance of Rejang and keris dance, at 16.00 pm. The entire event ends up with an abwang dance performance and ritual at Subak daha at 21.00 pm.


Usada Kelima / Sambah
Prayers held at Pura Banjar along with a rejang Dance performance and Salunding gamelan at 06.00 am. Pig roasting followed by abwang dance are held at Subak Daha, by the bachelors and maidens of the village, at 21.00 pm.


Usaba Kelima / Sambah
Nyajah: The closing ceremony of usaba Sambah, attended by the villagers as a whole according to their respective social functions in the community of Tenganan Pegingsringan.

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