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Bali Mountain Retreat: Review

Bali Yoga Retreat 2009/10

27th of December 2009 was the start date for Sue Hawkins 'Bali Yoga Retreat' held at Bali mountain retreat. This was one of the few yoga retreats that combined yoga and meditation in one retreat. It was very well received and will continue in the future.


Sue:"Just want to say thanks again for a most wonderful retreat! I think everybody really loved the fact we were tucked away in the mountains without any distraction and the group went alot deeper than expected, always makes me happy to see personal growth happen quickly on retreats. "



Thanks for a fantastic retreat. Its difficult to explain the effects it had! I left totally reinvigorated and inspired! I found the visualisation to be really powerful and feel as if something has shifted. I certainly left with a big smile on my face.....but maybe that wasnt just the yoga ;-) Katrina....................

On New Years Eve there was a traditional Balinese dance called the Joged Bumbung held in the Joglo, the purpose of this traditional dance wast to allow young girls to find a mate in a different village by dancing and inviting young unmarried boys up to dance...Many Yoga participants danced with the joged the highlight being when Pawal was lured by a dancer to join her, he spent the next few minutes swirling around in his sarong, hoping it would not loosen and fall off, her eyes were firmly fixed on him and I think in traditional times he would have been picked as her husband ...hehe.

The joged dancer invites a guest to join her.

The temple visit was a special experience
in this traditional part of Bali.

. "I would recommend to others and do another if I can! Exactly what I needed. Great step in recovery from my journey".
Michelle, Interior Designer



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