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Bali Mountain Retreat: Review

Music Retreat: Songwriters 2008


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Although the numbers on this retreat weren’t as great as we were hoping it was a success to all those who attended.
Once everyone was settled into their accommodation, took in the amazing views and experienced the spirit of the mountain the songwriters immediately started creating.
Jay, Rob and Richard immediately found Mt Batukaru sharing its spirit and finished two songs by the second day . Jenny was a great inspiration to this process with her lending ear and enthusiasm. Rob and Jay who have been writing together for some time continued on writing some classics. Rob was sprung up at dawn watching the sun rise over Mt Agung , busily writing more lyrics.



The third night had a surprise; there was a Joged Bum Bung dance being held just down the road for the celebration of a three month Hindu ceremony for the hosts child. The Joged was held in the middle of the road, we all accepted the invitation of the host and strolled down the road at about 8.30 at night. The musical Bum Bung group from Dalang was a musical delight. There were also four dancers from different villages in the area. The crowd cheered and applauded when Rob was lured by a dancer to join her, he spent the next few minutes swirling around in his sarong, hoping it would not loosen and fall off. This was a rare opportunity to see a Joged dance performance in the traditional village setting.


The Jam sessions around the fire in the evenings culminated in a concert with guests arriving for the evenings Balinese feast. Jenny, Richard, Rob and Jay took turns and then together produced some memorable moments of music. A highlight of this retreat was the amazing food that appeared day after day, thanks Rebecca !!



Jenny joined Richard to see a women’s Gamelan rehearsal in a neighbouring village one night while the others were busily writing,
The trips to the local market, north coast, the hustle of the tourist areas of Seminyak and Ubud gave everyone plenty of inspiration to be creative. Rob disappeared for a few days and was found in the centre of the action in the downtown alleys having the time of his life.

The group joined Richard to a Bali Aga village (original Balinese inhabitants) where he was recording a performance of the rare Trompong Ujung. Strolling around a  village so different to the normal Balinese village and watching the double Ikat weaving here made an interesting day.
On Sunday, we had a trip to Sanur where Richard, Jay and Rob were invited to play a few songs at the Spirit Café on the beach.  To the delight of the crowd the performance went on till the evening. They were seen jamming with local Balinese musos at various venues during this time.
Towards the end of the retreat Rob, Jen and Richard joined the neighbour in a trek to find a local healer, she lived in a house on her coffee / cacao plantation. Rob had a long term injury to his wrist and wanted to see her.  The healer first washed, then prayed and meditated, during this meditation she was (spiritually) given the recipe of the medicine to use as massage oil. After including Rob in the ceremony she began massaging the area including the hands especially the pressure points.  She said such a long term injury needed more than one session , however, Rob had to leave and wasn’t able to go back.. Maybe next time.


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