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Bali Mountain Retreat: Daytrips
Bali highlands
Daytrip to Tanah Lot temple.

A 1 1/4 hr drive from BMR this is an ideal day trip.
Note: 1/2 day Tanah Lot only, Available.

This daytrip consists of a beautiful drive through traditional Bali, rice terraces, down to the south coast.
Approx. 1 1/4 hrs drive direct, turning right at Tabanan, pass through the village of Pejaten, famous for earthen roof tiles and floor tiles, then on to Tanah Lot.


A trip in the Tabanan Regency is not complete without a visit to the ancient temple of Tanah Lot. From Kediri the narrow road meanders trough verdant ricefields and quaint little villages to this picturesque sea temple which is perched upon a rocky outcrop surrounded by crashing surf at high tide. Attributed to the influence of the 16th century priest Dang Hyang Nirartha, this rugged rock has been eroded over the centuries by the swirling tides, and the government plans a formidable restoration project in the near future to prevent further damage. Tanah Lot is one of Bali’s six most important temples that are closely related to a number of equivalent mountain sanctuaries.



Tanah Lot: Tanah means earth and lot means ocean, consists of a couple of shrines built on an outcropping of rock on the ocean. The temple symbolizes the balance between male and female; inner and outer world..


On the way back to the mountain we will visit the water Palace Taman Uyung and Alas Kedaton: A lovely, state-owned sacred forest with cool, peaceful walking paths.There is a small impressive local temple belong to people of Kukuh Village within the forest that is inhabited by almost 700 hundreds monkeys and kalong--the local large bats. We will be escorted by the an organized local guide who also the owner of shops in the area to hike around, in return they will gently ask you to visit their shop. .



Driver and A/c Vehicle
Time: approximately 8 hours
Cost Locally: Rp 800.000
Half day 5 hrs: Rp 500.000

Must be booked one day in advance.


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