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Bali Mountain Retreat: Treks

Mt Batukaru Summit Trek.

TREK D: ( Difficult Trek)
This trek must be prebooked.

(All day: Difficult Guided Trek)

Trek the second highest mountain in Bali, the sacred Mt Batukaru.


This trek can be made in one day for active trekkers, it is considered difficult as the last hour near the summit has quite steep sections and is challenging.
The summit trek is available during the dry season, June - September, weather permitting, by advance booking only. The hike begins at 7.30am so we can arrive back in daylight at about 4.30pm.
We limit numbers on this trek as the Mt Batukaru summit trek enters sensitive rainforest in the nature reserve. Relatively unknown as a trekking feature of Bali, we respect local traditions and use local guides

Starting from 800m the trek will climb to 2275 m, the second highest point in Bali. Beginning at the Pura on the mountain,your guide will point out amazing plant life, beautiful butterflies and, if the forest allows, monkeys and the Kijang that live here.

Walk into the montane forest
A large banyan tree
A variety of fungi can be found in the montane forest
Spectacular views
The montane forest
Higher and higher
The montane forest
Jack shows the way
Putu , the guide
Getting steeper
Putu, the local guide for your trek.
Mt Agung in the distance
Putu , the guide
How much further to go.
Stunning photos.
Batukaru Ceremony
distant mountain.
Yearly there is a ceremony held at the summit.
Summit views of the mountains and lakes to the east.

Near to the summit


The changing landscape as you climb the mountain is evident in the flora and fauna. Moss, prehistoric tree ferns, wildflowers, creepers, orchids, butterflies and many birds can be seen in the moist primary forest (montane forest).


I made it to the summit

We limit numbers on the treks to conserve
the sensitive forest.

All who visit this area are amazed at the beauty,
a truly wonderful experience.

Guides and meals provided

Time: Approximately 9 hours
Price: Rp. 700.000 per person
Accompanied children (14 -16 years) Rp. 400.000.
Guide(s),water and lunch is included. Ask about our special group rates.

Not recommended for children under 14 years.
Solo trek price Rp 1,100,000


NB. Please note that availability of all guided walks and treks will be subject to weather conditions. We recommend you start you trek early in the morning as the weather is more likely to be favourable at this time.



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