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Bali Mountain Retreat: Treks

Hike to Muncak Sari Temple.

TREK A: ( Easy Trek)

(3 to 4 hours) Easy-Moderate Guided Walk

Pura Luhur Muncak Sari

This temple in the forest is rarely visited by tourists, Pura Muncak Sari ( Type: Pura kahyangan jagad ).
Being situated in this traditional area, Bali Mountain Retreat’s guests are given a unique experience
with the local Balinese people and their culture

Trek the gardens

An easy walk along a dry trail through the local food forest. Discover some of the local flora and fauna during the trek,
Putu will point out various interesting fruits and plants.

Rice field

You will pass by some beautiful Ricefields where the mountain stream is still clean.  

Pura Luhur Muncak Sari

Once at the Temple, our guide will help you put on a sarong (necessary for entering the temple),
you will then enter the inner temple.
Be aware there are some conditions for entering a Hindu temple.

temple ceremony

The local Pemangku (Bali Hindu priest), will perform a short ceremony as a welcome to the mountain,
a very spiritual place for the Balinese people.

The return walk is through the gardens where the chocolate fruit (Cacao)can be tasted, then back to BMR for a freshly made lunch.

We limit numbers on the treks to conserve
the sensitive forest.

All who visit this area are amazed at the beauty,
a truly wonderful experience.

Guided trek including sarong and clean mountain water..
Rp. 180.000 per person for two or more,
Rp. 220.000 for one person.
There is no charge for accompanying children under 12 years.


NB. Please note that availability of all guided walks and treks will be subject to weather conditions. We recommend you start you trek early in the morning as the weather is more likely to be favourable at this time.



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*Clean air -
*Clean water from a
spring on the mountain

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