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Bali Mountain Retreat: Daytrips
Bali highlands
Daytrip to Ubud.

A 1 1/2 hr drive from BMR this is an ideal day trip.

One of Bali's major arts and culture centres, Ubud is famous for the Arts,Museums, shopping and the Monkey Forest.

Some of the choices that can be visited on this trip:
----Ubud Monkey Forest
----Central Ubud Market
----Goa Gajah
----Moon of Pejeng
----Bali Bird Park
----Taman Ayung Water Palace



The Ubud Monkey Forest is a sacred nature reserve located near the southern end of Jalan Monkey Forest. It houses a temple and approximately 340 Crab-eating Macaque (Macaca fascicularis) monkeys.



The Moon of Pejeng, in nearby Pejeng, is the largest single-cast bronze kettle drum in the world, it is kept at Pura Penataran Asih Temple in Pejeng, near Ubud. The drum was probably traded by the Dong Son people (from the Red River Valley of northern Vietnam) who made the drum around 300 B.C., more than two thousand years ago.


The Elephant Cave “ Goa Gaja” Goa Gajah is believed to have been carved from a hillside as a monastery in the 11th century, though it wasn't rediscovered until 1923. It is used by the Balinese as a holy place for worshipping the God Shiva and his elephant-headed son Ganesha. Inside the cave are meditation chambers and a statue of the Hindu god Ganesh.



With more than 1.000 birds of over 250 different species housed within lush tropical gardens, the Park is renowned for its dedication to perfection and has already become one of Bali 's most visited destinations. Birds collection such as Bird of paradise, Green Peafowl (Pavo muticus), Asian Pied Hornbill (Antbracocerus albirostris), The Javan Kingfisher (Halyon cyanoventris), Bali Starling (Leucopsar rot).
Please note: The entrance fee into Bali Bird Park is approximately Rp 250.000 per person.


THE MARKET PLACE IN CENTRAL UBUD. is also an interesting place to visit if it is not too busy.


Driver and A/c Vehicle
Time: approximately 8 hours
Cost Locally: Rp 800.000

Must be booked one day in advance.


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