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The Bale Gede

The largest bale, with twelve pillars, is known as a Bale Gede. This traditional Balinese building is constructed with timber posts set onto a masonry base supporting a roof of radiating beamwork. The Bale has walls of red brick, a feature that probably derived from the temple architecture of medieval east Java. The roof is always crowned with a terracotta finial.
The word bale means 'pavilion', and the structure of the bale is open to the north and west.

Bale Gede

We at BMR feel it is important to give our guests an experience of traditional Bali.
Therefore BMR have restored an old Bale Gede from the coast of Bali.
This Bale is crucial to the Hindu people and their ceremonies such as the Potong Gigi (Tooth Filing Ceremony), Ngaben (Funerals) amongst many other important ceremonies.

Elderly Balinese people will sleep in these Spiritual houses when they are ill as they believe it to have healing powers.
Maybe this has to do with the many ceremonies performed during its construction, the last being melaspas, the purificatory rite of completion, which personifies the house as it brings the previously 'dead' materials alive as a living being complete with feet - (the foundations), body - (the timber pillars) - and the head - (the roof).


Bale Gede

The local Pemangku (Hindu preist) has blessed and placed an old Kris (traditional dagger) in the Bale Pura (temple), this old Kris was found in the rice fields of Gianyar and was given to Richard for his contribution to Balinese music, by I Ketut Suaradana from Gianyar who made an elaborate handle ( a carving of Rama) for it.
It is a favourite place to meditate for many of our guests.

The Old Kris wrapped in pure white cloth in the temple inside the Bale Gede







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Budget Rice House

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Yoga Retreats

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A Large house made from
recycled 200 year old teak from Java.

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Bale Gede

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