10 - 16 April 2017

Cultivating Connection,
A Balinese Adventure

Hosted by Cole Chance and Jen Hilman
Join Cole Chance and Jen Hilman for an unforgettable getaway deep in the heart of Bali.
We will be exploring the fundamentals of Yoga as a Self practice, Therapeutic Acro Yoga as a shared, partner practice, and Thai Yoga Massage as a practice of giving and receiving.
These playful, interactive modalities and intentional activities give us an opportunity to deepen our connection and relationships on every level.

Early bird pricing available !


7 -15 May, 2017

The Grace Institute of Awakening: Spiritual Retreat

Hosted by Susanne Grace
Nurture your body, Transform your mind, Connect with your soul during a magic week of awakening.
The emphasis for this retreat is focused on going deeper into your spiritual awakening. Stepping out of ego energy and awakening to your connection to soul and exploring non-duality will leave you with a fresh perspective on life and the way you experience it.
This outstanding package includes all food, 6 nights accommodation, daily guided meditations, full conference and Satsangs, Balinese massage, private Grace Method session, personal soul reading, guided trecks, yoga, entertainment and transfers!


20 - 26 May, 2018

Insight Meditation & Yoga Retreat

Hosted by Will James
This retreat offers an ideal opportunity for established meditators to deepen their practice.
Those new to meditation can experience a valuable but gentle introduction to silent meditation & the Dharma teachings in a welcoming, supportive environment.
The combination of Insight meditation, Yoga and an idyllic environment combine to open our hearts and deepen our understanding.
Angela McGee teaches Yoga in the tradition of Krishnamacharya. Angels believes the ancient wisdom teachings of Yoga are completely alive and relevant to contemporary life and to freedom and liberation.


5 - 10 June 2017

Dancing Isis Retreat;

Hosted by Maria Sangiorgi & Yumi Umiumare
Listening to the grass GLOW Embodied Dance & Butoh Residential Weaving the Interior and exterior landscape Join international workshops presenters and performing artists Maria Sangiorgi & Yumi Umiumare as they weave the depth of earth, flow of water, passion of fire, expansion of air through their transformative teaching practices. Yumi and Maria are a catalyst for each other, moving from light to shadow form known to unknown. Their coming together in this 5 day Residential on Mt Batukaru, Bali, will be a beautiful blend of Female energy, as they bring together their magic from years of dance practice and performance to provide a rich, creative field for the participants to work in. They offer you 30 hours of training. Full accommodation with all meals provided and transport to and from the airport. A beautiful massage, temple trek and Traditional Joged Bumbung Dance performance and Village Temple full moon ceremony are included in the package price.


17 - 22 August, 2017

Your Inner Essence

Yoga and Lifestyle Retreat
Join Barefoot and Thankful - for 6 days of yoga, meditation, adventure, self-exploration and heartfuless. As well as workshops tailored for deeper awareness, presence, being and loving. A truly opening experience that will leave you feeling nourished and inspired to return home. We hope this beautiful place aligns with your space.


1 -7 October 2017

Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance

Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance
Join Tricia Mary Lee and Maria Sangiorgi, Members of The Sacred Dance Guild, for a Dance Holiday in October 2017.
To dance in a Sacred way is to enter into a communion of heart, mind, body and soul. To retreat invites a safe inner space for contemplation, revelation, transformation and illumination. To be in Bali, is to enter a place of beauty which is honoured and Blessed in the Sacred traditions of that culture.
Evening of Balinese dance with local 20 piece gamelan orchestra ,
Fire Ceremony to Saraswati : Balinese Goddess of the Arts and Learning


15 - 20 May 2017

75-hour Yin Yoga Retreat

Led by Dom Nguyen
Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and start looking inside with the practice of Yin Yoga. This retreat spread over 7 days, will allow you to restore and replenish yourself with a menu of yoga, meditation, and relaxation as you explore in depth the philosophy, theory, and physical practice of Yin Yoga. As a Yoga Alliance recognised continuing education course, this immersion is suitable for both yoga teachers and students.