In Kakawin Sutasoma there is a manggala. It worships Sri Mangala BajrajŮana that summarises kasunyatan.Jika he shows itself, then this came out in the contemplation of the Boddhacitta and dwells in the mind. Then some yuga ( stage of the cycle of time ) is called where the Brahman, Vishnu and Shiva have to protect. And now came the Kali Yuga ( end of the cycle, the age of destruction ) where the Buddha came to earth to destroy evil powers.




1 a. Cri BajrajŮ‚na ÁŻny‚tmaka Parama sir‚nindya wiÁes.a ring rat

1 a. Sri BajrajŮana, Kasunyatan is the most perfect manifestation in the world.

1 b. lila Áuddha pratis.t.hÍng hredaya jaya-jay‚ngken mah‚swargaloka

1 b. Firm delicious and pure at heart, like a celestial supreme master of everything.

1 c. ekacchattrÍng ÁarÓr‚nghuripi sahananing Bhur Bhuwah swah prakÓrn.a

1 c. He is the sole protector of the tri Buwana menganugrahi life - earth, sky and heaven - cried all the worlds.

1 d. s‚ks.‚t candr‚rka pŻrn.‚dbhuta wijilira ri n thought Boddhacitta ring

1 d. Like a bright moon and the sun coming out of the inner nature of people who have been aware.

2 a. Singgih yan siddhayogÓÁwara wekasira the s‚tmya opponent bhat.‚ra

2 a. He was enlightened, unified with God, indeed the King of the Yogi who he succeeded.

2 b. SarwajŮ‚mŻrti ÁŻny‚ganal alit inucap mus.t.ining dharmatattwa

2 b. Embodiment of all good science Kasunyatan rough or smooth, diajikan in a solemn prayer and worship that.

2 c. Sangsipta n pet wulik heart ring sira sekung ing opponent samadhi yoga

2 c. In short, let's look for him to correct himself, backed by a full yoga and meditation.

2 d. Byakta lwir bhr‚ntacitt‚ngrasa Riwa-riwaning nirmal‚cintyarŻpa

2 d. Just like someone who is miserable heart to feel a sense of purity Yang unimaginable.

3 a. Ndah Yeka n mangkana ng Canti kineŮep i said the huwus siddhayogi

3 a. So that's the heart of tranquility of a yogi perfect destination.

3 b. PŻjan ring Áuddh‚primita Áaran.‚ning miket langwa Jnana-langwan

3 b. Let me worship with purity and service tertara not as a means to write a beautiful poem.

3 c. Dura ngwang siddhakawy‚ngitung ahiwang tan wruh ing hell dimension Á‚stra

3 c. No way I will succeed in writing kakawin because not knowing will compose literature procedures.

3 d. Dening ambek Nghing kÍwran sport-ragan i Manah the kawÓr‚ja Áobha

3 d. But, really embarrassed and disturbed by the thought of a perfect poet in the capital.

4 a. PŻrwaprast‚waning parwaracana ginelar thought Boddhak‚wya ring

4 a. First of all I composed a story which is derived from the stories of the Buddha.

4 b. NgŻni dw‚p‚ra ring kretayuga treat sirang sarwadharm‚nggaraks.a

4 b. Dahulukala when dwapara-, Treta-and kretayuga, he was the embodiment of all forms of dharma.

4 c. Tan len hyang Brahma Wis.n.wÓÁwara sira matemah bhŻpati martyaloka

4 c. No other hyang the Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Everything became kings of the Mercapada (the mortal world).

4 d. Mangkť n pr‚pta ng time ng Cri Jinapati manurun matyana kala murkha

4 d. And now in the Kali Yuga, Sri Jinapati down here to destroy the evil and ugliness.

Canto closing stanza number is 148.




1 a. Nahan t‚ntyanikang kath‚tiÁaya Boddhacarita ng iniket

1 a. So this is the end of a beautiful story and composed the story of the Buddha.

1 b. The kawy aparab mpu Tantular amarn.a kakawin Alango

1 b. By a poet named mpu Tantular kakawin composing beautiful.

1 c. Khy‚tÓng rat Purus.‚daÁ‚nta pangaranya katuturakena

1 c. Renowned in the world with the name Purusadasanta (pacification king Purusada).

1 d. DÓrgh‚yuh sira the rumengwa Tuwi the mamaca manulisa

1 d. May all who listen, read and copy will be a long age.

2 a. Bhras.ta ng wicked ÁŻnyak‚ya kumeter mawedi giri-girin

2 a. Destroyed the wicked, helpless, trembling, frightened by terror.

2 b.  Cri Rajasa king queen angd.iri bhŻpati the Java ri

2 b. By Sri Rajasa, who dwells in Java.

2 c. «uddh‚mbek the tan one tantrum sawarahira asťwa tinut

2 c. The servant take pure and execute all his orders without one.

2 d. Sok wÓr‚dhika mÍwwu Yeka magawť resaning jigsaw ari

2 d. Indeed many of the heroes of superior, the numbers there are thousands who give a sense of fear of the enemy.

3 a. Ramya Sagara parwatÍki sakapunpunan i ng sira lengeng

3 a. Indahlah sea and mountain under its control.

3 b. Mwang pliers Rajya ri Wilwatikta pakar‚jyanira Anupama n

3 b. And the capital Wilwatikta (= Majapahit) was beautiful outside shadow.

3 c. KÓrn.Íkang Kawi gita symbol atuh‚nwam umarek i haj

3 c. Multiply the number of the poets, young and old who compose songs and kakawin overlooking the Queen.

3 d. Lwir the hyang Caci rakwa pŻrn.a pangapusnira n anuluhi rat

3 d. Like a god Candra power illuminating the world.

4 a. Bheda mwang damel I nghulun patangga kadi i n umiber weak

4 a. In contrast to my work like a flying elephant on the ground.

4 b. nand Dura n mad.anÍka pan wwang atimŻd.ha kumawih Alango

4 b. It is impossible to match because of a foolish man who seems to write beautiful kakawin.

4 c. Lwir bhr‚n.t‚gati dharma ring Kawi turung wruh ing sakath‚ aji

4 c. As someone who is confused about the obligations of a poet poetry knows no rules.

4 d. Nghing the Cri Ran.amanggalÍki the titir anganumata sira.

4 d. But Sri Ranamanggala also the panutanku.