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CD 11: Semara Angklung, Sigaran, Tabanan, Bali

This Traditional Angklung is one of the most famous in Bali.

Sekehe Angklung Sinar Jaya
Desa Sigaran, Penebel, Tabanan

This Traditional Angklung has been active for many years and includes I Gede Made Yasa,
who has written some of the new angklung music played in Bali
today( Sekar Jepun, Sekar Sandat etc). The age of the musicians
in this group vary from youth to the aged who have been playing
the Angklung all their lives.
This Angklung is from a village in Penebel,Tabanan called Sigaran.
The gamelan angklung uses a 4-note slendro-derived scale,
roughly to the western notes G, A, B, D,or this interval.
The instruments are paired, with male and female instruments
of each type, the male tuned slightly higher, and the female
slightly lower than the nominal pitch
Two jegogan carry the bass melody.
The gangsa instruments,a range of two octaves above the
jegogan pitch, and are used to play the more complex
interlocking melodies. They include the Kantil and Gangsa.

1. Pemungkah
2. Sekar Sandat
3. Tungtungtangis
4. Atma Pralaya
5. Gambang
6. Cangak Merengang
7. Gadung Kasturi
8. Jaya Winangun
9. Sidakap
10. Penyineb (finale).. sample

Gangsa: Pengenter: I Gede Made Yasa, I Wayan Rutika, I Ketut Wesel,
I Gede Nyoman Rambe, I Wayan Care, I Gede Wayan Sendra,
I Nyoman Suki, I Wayan Rening, I Gede Parman, I Ketut Sugitra
Reyong: I Made Rambat, I Gede Arya Arsana, I Made Mudita,
I Gede Made Tember
Suling: I Ketut Jemet, I Gede Wayan Resik
Tawa Tawa: I Made Rinten
Kendang: I Ketut Suparta
Ceng ceng: I Wayan Rupeg
Kempul: I Wayan Wisama
Jegogan: I Wayan Gebieg, I Wayan Regog
Singer: Ni Nengah Dasnine sample: Angklung !


*Recorded by Richard Kaal at Sigaran, Tabanan, BALI
( © 2008 Musikaal Studio
NO. 846/3.3/ILMKA/G/I/2000