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CD 13: Seka Gambang, Desa Dlod Pangkung, Gianyar, Bali

Among the earliest evidence of gamelan instruments is a series of stone relief carvings on the Borobudur Buddhist temple in central Java (ca. 800ad).

Borobudur shows the world's first record of a bar percussion instrument. It appears to be a gambang style "xylophone" with ten wide bars resting over a trough resonator.

The players in this Gambang consist of the elders of the village. The youngest being 75 years old. They're music is very traditional and learn't at a young age. The disturbing fact is that none of the youth in this village are interested in learning to play this Gambang. This recording then becomes an important archive for future study.

Pemetit: I Ketut Dayuh
Penyilah: I Wayan Targia
Gangsa: I Made Lanus
Penoro: I Nyoman Mengol
Penanga: I Ketut Cemok

1. Manukaba 1
2. Malat
3. Panji Marga
4. Malat 2
5. Palugon
6. Manukaba 2 sample: Gambang!


*Recorded by Richard Kaal at Dlod Pankung, Sukawati, BALI
( © 2006 Musikaal Studio
NO. 846/3.3/ILMKA/G/I/2000