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CD 19: Compilation of Traditional Balinese Gamelans

cover compilation CD 


This CD is a compilation of 6 gamelans recorded in Celuk Gianyar BALI.
Richard Kaal,an Australian musician/composer, is in Bali recording a library of Balinese traditional music. Travelling with his Protools/Mac mobile studio the high quality recordings are a valuable archive of music.
Richard is also collaborating with Balinese musicians to produce fusion music, examples of which can be found on the studio website,

I Ketut Suardana has formed the Yayasan "Suara Dana", which means 'gift of music'. Ketut is a successful silversmith with a love of traditional Balinese music. He has set up the Yayasan at his own expense to revive old music, notating and rehearsing a group of dedicated players. He has bought the instruments for 2 complete Salonding ensembles, a Gambang ensemble, a Gender Wayang and even a Rare Saron Luang ensemble. Ketut has also built a large attic to house and rehearse these instruments in Celuk, Bali.

This album starts with the Gender Wayang which is used in many Balinese ceremonies and the Wayang Kulit shadow puppet theatre.
Then we hear the sweet sounds of the Salunding, a very old ensemble from the original inhabitants of Bali ( Bali Aga ).
Next is the very rare Saron Luang, (Wooden Saron with the Gong Luang), The mixture of Reyong gongs and wooden Saron is quite unique.
The next Ensemble is from the Bali Aga village, Tenganan. There was even some confusion in naming the ensemble which has wooden instruments as well as a bass metalophone and flutes.
The group settled on the name Terompong Ujung. This may be the only one left in existence.
The rare and very old Gambang is next, traditionally used at funeral ceremonies. This wooden ensemble has 2 accompanying Gangsa.
There is also an example of the Balinese Angklung, a metallophone ensemble not to be confused with the Javanese bamboo ensemble of the same name.


1 Rebong (Gender wayang)
2 Njan Yangan (Salunding)
3 sarluang2 (Saron Luang)
4 Sekar Gadung (Terompong Ujung)
5 Panji Margo (Gambang)
6 gender 3 (Gender wayang)
7 Rejang Yucek (Salunding)
8 sarluang1 (Saron Luang)
9 Angklung Trk 5 (Angklung)
10 Don Tangung (Terompong Ujung)
11 gender 4 (Gender wayang)
12 Kare kare (Salunding)

*Recorded by Richard Kaal at Celuk,Gianyar BALI
( © 2008 Musikaal Studio
NO. 846/3.3/ILMKA/G/I/2000

    © musikaal 2008 - all rights reserved