CD 1: Angklung Sarinbuana

This is a recording of 'Sunari Budaya', the Angklung from Desa Sarinbuana in Tabanan, Bali.
It is the first of the library of music being recorded by Richard in conjunction with Yayasan Suara Dana. The gamelan angklung uses a 4-note slendro-derived scale, roughly to the western notes G, A, B, D, or this interval. The instruments are paired, with male and female instruments of each type, the male tuned slightly higher, and the female slightly lower than the nominal pitch, Two jegogan carry the bass melody. The gangsa instruments,a range of two octaves above the jegogan pitch, and are used to play the more complex interlocking melodies. They include the Kantil and Gangsa.

1: Nudut Kayun (6.29) - Acceptance of love.
2: Nudut Kayun (5.59) Part 2
3: Sekar Jepun - Flower of Frangipani.
4: Sekar Jepun - Part 2 ( For potong gigi)
5: Kincang kincung
6: Sekar Jepun - Part 3
7: Putri Ayu - Beautiful girl.
8: Tabuh Telu - 3 movements of music

Reyong:I Made Sudarta, I Ketut Manik,I Nyoman Sukarsa, I Nyoman Sutarna
Gangsa: Pengenter: I Made Nataryana,
I Wayan Anom, I Wayan Ekanaya,I Ketut Manik, I Ast Komang Arkadana
I Ketut Sukarta, I Ketut Budiasa,I Made Suarka, I Wayan Mudita(suling)
Jejogan: I Ketut Arnawa, Gurun Nastri
Gongs: Gong / Kempur: I Made Juita,I Ketut Suasta
Klenang: I Wayan Boni. Kantil or Curing: I Wayan Suaba,I Made Darma
Tawa tawa:I Ketut Aryadana
Suling: I Wayan Mudika, I Wayan Ekadana
Kendang: I Wayan Sukawata, Gurun Nastri
Ceng ceng- Kecek: I Nyoman Megawatana, I Ketut Arimbawa,
I Ketut Maryad\

*Recorded by Richard Kaal at Celuk, Gianyar, BALI
( © 2007 Musikaal Studio
NO. 846/3.3/ILMKA/G/I/2000


MSF 00.03


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