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CD 20 Kecak Kolosal 5000, 2006, Tanah lot, Tabanan, Bali

Kecak Kolosal 5000 2006
The Kecak dance is the most dramatic of all dance in Bali.

A Story from the Hindu epic Ramayana, it tells the story of Prince Rama with the help of Sugriwa and the monkey kings, in the rescue of Princess Sita , who has been kidnapped by the evil King of Lanka, Rawana.

Dance - Drama performance
Tabanan’s Cak Kolosal
5000 artists (Cakolirita)
29th September 2006

Richard recorded this CD to help in the Kecak Kolosal 5000 2006, when more than 5000 people gathered at Pura Tanah Lot on the coast in Tabanan. When the tide receded the performance took place by the temple with many onlookers. A huge PA was set up so everyone could hear the performance, this CD kept all the performers in time. The recording was done at a rehearsal before the event.
The concept, choreography and composition by I G. A. Ngurah Supartha SST (R.I.P), the most noted Dancer / composer in Tabanan, BALI, who, unfortunately died less than a year later.

Presented by the
Tabanan Regency Government
Bupati: N. Adi Wiryatama,SSos,MSi
Organiser: I Ketut Nuryasa,SE




*Recorded by Richard Kaal at Tabanan, BALI
( © 2006 Musikaal Studio
NO. 846/3.3/ILMKA/G/I/2000