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CD 21, Seka Gambang, Yayasan Suara Dana, Celuk

This very old ensemble, the Gambang, may have evolved from the earliest gamelan known.

The soft bamboo tones of the Gambang are quite haunting. The Gambang is a bamboo xylophone ensemble . It is based on the ancient Kidung scale of the original Balinese people called the Bali Aga. The remaining groups have busy schedules playing at important ceremonies, especially cremations.
The Gambang instruments have bamboo slats for bars and are played with two mallets which are forked like a "Y". Each mallet has two heads, set at a fixed interval. The bars are placed in a matching arrangement having large bars interspersed with smaller ones, a scale seemingly out of order. But the spacing of the forked mallets correspond to the placement of the bars to produce parallel intervals, (close to fourths and fifths)
Four Gambang are complemented by two large Gangsa who outline the meter and song (polos), while the Gambang run in musical circles around it.(sangsih)

Penanga Bali: I Komang Mustika
Pemero : I Ketut Pujaadi
Pemetit: I Wayan Asmana
Gangsa: I Nyoman Suarjaya
Pengenter: I Ketut Grantipala
Penyelah: I Rai Sudarsana
Gangsa: I Ketut Suardana

1. Manu Kaba (water birds)

2. Panji Marga ( The Kings Inspection)........ Gambang Panji Margo

3. Bangkung Arig (Story of lost love)

4. Palugon ---

5. Labde ( success)

*Recorded by Richard Kaal at Celuk, Gianyar, BALI
( © 2007 Musikaal Studio
NO. 846/3.3/ILMKA/G/I/2000