CD 4: Seka Salunding, Yayasan Suara Dana, Celuk

The Salunding is one of the oldest ensembles in Balinese music,( also known as, Selunding, Slonding, selonding.)

The music dates back to the Megapahit Kingdom some 600 years ago. These groups are rarely seen nowadays and are used mainly for sacred ceremonies at the Temples. The Salonding has metal bars . This is the second recording of the Salunding in Yayasan Suara Dana consisting of 6 - 7 players.

Gong Gede: I Komang Parta Indrawan
Gong Cerik: I Putu Parta Suardana
Petuduh : I Nyoman Parta Gunawan
Peneman : I Komang Mustika
Njong Njong Gedenan: I Ketut Suardana
Njong Njong Cernikan: I Wayan Asmana
Vocals: I Wayan Dupa

1. Njaw Yangan Saih Puja Semara ....( opening of the spiritual gates )
2. Sekar Gadung Saih Sadi ....with Pupuh vocals.( Green Flowers )
3. Panji Marga Saih Salah ( 2nd in line to the king comes to inspect the Kingdom
and report to the king.)
4. Rejang Lente Saih Sadi....( with Pupuh vocals)
5. Kare Kare Saih Puja Semara ( fighting )
6. Rejang Dewa Saih Sadi( with Pupuh vocals)
7. Rejang Gucek Saih Sadi....( Dance of the gods, they join in with the music and then leave))

*Recorded by Richard Kaal at Celuk, Gianyar, BALI
( © 2008 Musikaal Studio
NO. 846/3.3/ILMKA/G/I/2000


MSF 00.04


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