CD: Journey of the Mind: (Richard Kaal)

Cover : Journey of the mind 

Journey of the mind' is Richard Kaal's latest album of original songs recorded at PRS.

Some of the songs that Richard has written relate to his life and sailing experiences onboard his yacht 'Cadenza'.

The story:

In his 38th year as a professional musician, Richard Kaal presents another album of his songs, some of which were written whilst sailing on his yacht, Cadenza; others written in the beautiful Whitsundays, Queensland.This album was recorded at his Paluma Rd Studio in the Whitsundays, Queensland.
Richard would like to thank the musicians that played and sang on this album; guitarists Santos Maere and Vimmi K., bass players Tame Eria and Phil Campbell, piano and keyboard players Tony Fossey, Andy Carey and Paul MacDonell, saxophone; Ralph Frank; singers; Heidi Kaal, Chris Courteney, Nirvana, Tumai, Debbie, Kathy, Priscilla and Rob Nicol.
Richard would also like to thank the following people; Darren Hicks and Kieran McCarthy for helping record his vocals. Rebecca Kaal for CD design and label. Norina Kent for the cover photography and his daughter Heidi for singing "I Still See You" with him.

"The Journey Continues"

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1: We belong to the night
2: Gypsies by the sea  ------
3: Kings Cross
4: Journey in the mind
5: Timelord
6: Carving tracks through the ocean --- (Audio Sample)
7: Tomorrow will be fine
8: My heart is an ocean ----(Audio Sample)
9: Bond St underground
10: I still see you
11: Music's free


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