Photo Gallery :Seka Gambang..information-
The Gambang instruments are struck with a pair of double hammers.
Two metallaphones (Gangsa) are included in the Gambang.
The largest of the timber instruments is called the Penangga Bali.
The Gambang consists of hard wooden bars
Mustika playing the Penjilah, reading the newly transcribed music
Ketut Suardana, the founder of the Yayasan
The Penangga
The Penjilah
The Pemetit

The Gangsa, in sets of two instruments, one played in front of the other.

The group of six players.
Gambang is the most famous Kidung Gamelan

Nyoman Mustika playing the gambang

Players from other villages are welcome at the Yayasan
The spaces of the forked mallets correspond to playing 4th's
or 5th's with the arrangement of the bars.