Project: Tari (Traditional Dance Classes)

The Balinese dance is part of many religious rituals and takes place during numerous festivals and ceremonies in the temple grounds.

 Temple dance 

The children in this area are keen to learn the tradional dances for temple ceremonies etc, Bali Mountain Retreat and Musikaal Studio are now sponsoring a teacher in the village to conduct these classes and buy costumes so the children can have free lessons.

The children are very quick to learn the complex Balinese dances, Every movement of fingers, hands, head, body and feet is important and tells the story of the Balinese vision of life. The younger children learn the Panyembrama ( welcome dance ) and are already performing in the temple ceremonies and for guests at Bali Mountain Retreat.

Children perform for guests...........The bird dance

Pendet dance (bebali dance) has its origin in bringing offerings to the gods and everybody with a dance education is able to dance the Pendet.

Nowadays the first Bali dance before the Legong dance is the Pendet. Here the dancers welcome the spectators with throwing flowers into the audience.

Dance group




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