Project: Recording and Archiving Traditional Music

Part of 'Musikaal studio's' initiative, in conjunction with Yayasan Suara Dana, is to preserve traditional Balinese/ Indonesian music and culture.
(1) Recording the variety of traditional music at a village level
(2) Researching the history of the music and related stories along with the particular village ensemble
(3) Producing a library of good quality music in CD format for the purpose of archiving the music and make it available to Balinese traditional music enthusiasts.

Richard Kaal, through Musikaal Studio, aims to produce a library of audio CDs combined with literature explaining the history and stories associated with the music.
To fund this project, he plans to make the recordings available for sale on the internet and through distribution. He is also seeking sponsors to help in this important project. It is hoped that this site will generate an interest in Balinese and Western musicians to further their study of the music and become involved in the project.

Recording Project

Richard, an Australian musician/composer, moved to Bali and has been recording a library of Balinese traditional music. Travelling with his Protools/Mac mobile studio the high quality recordings are a valuable archive of music.



The first recordings were done in 2004 on a portable Sony TCM11 DAT recorder, with a mixer and some SM 58 mics at a Angklung rehearsal in Sarinbuana. The power 220V fluctuates quite a bit up the mountain so the recording quality was unknown until they were heard back in the studio in Australia.
There are a few extra considerations for a recording engineer from Australia, for example, avoid stepping over an instrument, they are sacred. A little difficult with so many instruments in such a small area, trying to set up microphones etc.
Over the next couple of reheasals 4 full DAT tapes were recorded and taken back to the studio.


Since then he has recorded numerous Cds of high quality recordings of Traditional Balinese Music.

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